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It is crucial for effective leadership that the leader is able to learn more about self through a variety of methods. These methods might include a variety of standardized assessments such as DiSC, The Leadership Circle 360, MSCEIT Emotional Intelligence, EQ-I 2.0 Emotional Quotient, Myers-Briggs (MBTI), etc. In addition, informal assessments can be utilized. All of these assessments are used to determine the person’s leadership style, emotional intelligence, leadership competency, etc.

1:1 Coaching

Much of the time spent with you, the leader will be spent together, either live or virtual, challenging your current perspective and asking them to view their environment from a different lens.

Coaching within the team

At times the coach will work with the leader while with the team to observe the leader’s interactions and give feedback for further effectiveness.

Vision, Mission, Values determination

For many leaders, it is important for them to be aware of their own driving forces as they determine best ways to lead others or to change their behaviors.

Observation, Development and Practice

As we get through the assessment, determine our values, the coach will challenge you, the leader, to first observe your current behaviors. This observation serves as a basis for development as it shows us who we are and how we act, up until now. We will explore new behaviors and determine new distinctions as we move to who we want to be.


Once you determine what best practices you would like to follow, it will be necessary to make these a part of your daily life. The coach will challenge you during the coaching process, but also give you skills to perform at this higher level well beyond the coaching engagement.

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