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Our group coaching model is designed to guide and support group members in problem solving, particularly of complex issues. Our goal is to help members develop a process of clarity in the identification of problems, share in the development of potential solutions and then take mutual accountability for taking action.

The intimate environment of the group, with its focus on each member helping the others also creates trust, a close bond based on members being able to rely on each other to achieve successful outcomes. In our experience, this creates regular sharing of needs, honest feedback and resources among the group members.

Because of the level of trust that exists, organizational and culture change occurs as the group members learn and grow. The group coaching process is also designed to create strong “buy-in,” commitment and dedication when used within an organization. The group’s perspective is that ‘the organization cares about us’ and thus they feel that they are respected as contributors and individuals of worth.

Finally, our group coaching process provides a strong antidote to burnout and cynicism among the members. It helps provide each member and the group as a whole a more positive and objectives view of their jobs and lives.

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