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Starting from the beginning allows the team coach to guide the definition of team and help initiate its successful launch. Research also that show that careful planning and design of a team launch can boost the group’s operational effectiveness by 30 percent or more.

Once a team is formed – often in response to a key event, such as the implementation of a new project or goal-setting activity – the coach can help the team draft an agreement, similar to a contract, that includes a safe environment as the basis, values, vision, mission, agreed-upon-process and a clear definition of what constitutes a successful outcome to the team’s work.





  1. Assessment
  2. Team Design
  3. Team launch


  1. Individual Coaching
  2. Continuing Team Coaching
  3. Reflection/Assessment of Learning & Success

Our team coaching is based upon:

  1. Creation of a team that has committed membership, clearly defined boundaries and a shared understanding of its direction and purpose
  2. A compelling direction or purpose to guide the team’s work
  3. Appropriate membership – (typically ten or fewer members) who have the same vision as well as the correct admixture of knowledge, expertise and experience to successfully perform the assigned work
  4. Organizational commitment to providing appropriate resources and time frames to complete the team’s work


Because we provide capable team coaching for the entire team as well as each individual member, the team’s productivity should be extremely high.


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